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Roller Conveyor for Manufacturing Facilities and Warehouses

A roller conveyor is a conveyor that consists of a series of parallel rotating bars that move goods along to their end destination. Roller conveyors are used in environments like warehouses and manufacturing facilities. They can also be fitted inside certain types of equipment, such as tortilla machines that produce tortillas automatically and run them down a roller conveyor to allow them to cool after they are made. Likewise, manufacturing of some types of candy often involves a roller conveyor for cooling.

  • The design of a roller conveyor consists of a series of tubes mounted at set intervals. The tubes rotate at the same rate and in the same direction to push objects along the top of the conveyor.
  • Setting the conveyor at an angle can also help to propel objects along. The device may have equipment located alongside to perform various functions such as sealing packages, and employees can also be stationed along the conveyor to manipulate objects as they pass by.

One disadvantage of the roller conveyor is objects can fall through the rollers or be awkwardly shaped and sized and thus not move along the conveyor very well.

An ideal application for this kind of equipment is on packaging lines, where boxes of uniform size and shape can move easily down a roller conveyor. Likewise, when air circulation around a product is needed as it moves down the line, as seen with candies, the roller conveyor can be very useful.